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Our association, Sotterranei di Roma (Underground Spaces of Rome), is composed of people who have a passion for Rome and love to discover its treasures -- slowly, with great pleasure, as one would savor a glass of fine wine. Our interests lie in studying, documenting, and valorising Rome's subterranean archaeological patrimony, and we welcome any and all who share these interests, without distinction or any type of discrimination. Our members have a wide variety of skills and capabilities, from speleo-archaeology, to engineering, to manual labor, but each of us contributes his or her professionalism to researching and highlighting the cultural value of archaeological sites.

What we can do for you


If you are interested in research and exploration and want to study underground archaeological sites (perhaps with an eye toward of writing articles with us), you should absolutely take our speleo-archaeology course. Upon completing this course, you will become an Associate Researcher and will be able to participate in our speleo-archaeological study and research


If you are interested in visiting underground archaeological sites as a tourist, we offer many fascinating itineraries, including several closed to the general public. There are two options for these visits: Participating in one of our regularly scheduled outings. Requesting a private tour, for you and your group, at a date and time of your choosing.

Videos and documentaries

Are you interested in producing a film, documentary, or television spot on underground spaces? Do you need a reliable team to assist with obtaining access permission and operational organization? You're come to the right place. We have substantial experience in this area.

Investigation and research

Are you looking to deepen your knowledge, conduct speleo-archaeological research, or undertake activities in logistically challenging and/or dangerous underground environments, and require expert assistance? We do speleo-archaeological studies, underground topographical surveys, work requiring rope access, and interventions in confined spaces. Our climbers are all accredited and have decades of experience.

Tour Privati

Would you like to enjoy the marvels of Underground Rome? Sign up for small-group or personal tours to visit catacombs, the bowels of the Colosseum, and the hidden wonders of subterranean Rome.


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