Boudicca’s Burial Discovered at Kings Cross

Boudicca’s Burial Discovered at Kings Cross

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Boudicca’s Burial Discovered at Kings Cross
The archaeological world was reeling today from the news that a team of researchers has made the discovery of the century at the site of the Kings Cross rail development in London. Professor M. Maus, leading an archaeological team from the London Institute of Studies, was able to reveal to the press the burial site of the famous flame haired Queen of the Iceni; Boudicca. Boudicca famously defied Roman rule, leading a revolt against the occupying force round AD 60. During a successful campaign Boudicca’s forces fought their way west from the homeland of the Iceni tribe in modern day East Anglia. Destroying Colchester, Boudicca headed for London, leading a force of 100,000 to burn and destroy the majority of the city. The discovery at Kings Cross has been kept under wraps until today for fear of a media frenzy, but Prof. Maus insists that its time the world knows the truth. On an exclusive tour of the site, HeritageDaily was shown an extraordinary burial chamber containing a wheeled chariot and the body of a woman, remarkably well preserved. Prof. Maus went on to describe the find; ‘If you look closely, there are traces of red hair on the skull and you can clearly see the socket for spikes on each of the wheels – we know Boudicca used these to cut down Roman legionaries in battle. There had always been rumors that Boudicca was buried in Kings Cross, its such a revelation to bring truth to the fables. Plans are now underway for a major exhibition covering the discoveries, to be funded by the Institute of Studies and the charitable body Funding Organisation Of London.(heritagedaily)
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