2,600 year old wooden coffin found near Athens

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2,600 year old wooden coffin found near Athens
In September 2013, archaeologists excavating an Archaic Period cemetery discovered during the course of construction works in an area known as the Delta of Phaliro near Athens, stumbled upon a perfectly preserved wooden coffin. Measuring 1.61 metres in length and 0.77 metres, the coffin, which contains the remains of a young man, is made from a single hollowed out tree-trunk which still retains all its characteristics, including its bark and growth rings. Pottery fragments and general context indicate that the burial dates to between 510 and 480 BC. The excellent state of preservation is attributed to the presence of clay from a nearby stream. Although research has not yet taken place, it is thought that the tree trunk’s use as a coffin was secondary, having previously been used as a boat. Source: Ta Nea
  • Pubblicato: Mercoledì, 12 Marzo 2014

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